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politics in the usa

As usual, I was talking to people I barely know today, and started talking about politics again..
Anyway, I had an entire conversation in which I was talking with a Libertarian woman and agreed with her on a lot of issues... but I didn't let on that I'm actually registered as a Green. I voted Libertarian on most of the elections in '98 though. anyway, I've taken a few political tests on line and I get results like this:
(this is not really precise or anything)

50% agreement with Libertarians
50% agreement with Greens
45% agreement with Democrats
5% agreement with Republicans

So what should I do? I voted for Nader even though I know the Greens are basically socialist;
I think the Libertarians will basically sell the government off to the highest bidder, but I dislike the Democrats and Republicans' beliefs even more. I'm just wondering who I can vote for when I dislike all of the choices, the one politician I actually agreed with was Tom Campbell, who is the only Republican I voted for, but he lost in a landslide (something like 30% to the 60% garnered by Feinstein), supposedly because he was too liberal. I'm just wondering what I can do if I disagree with more than half of what all of the parties stand for,
I'm way too young to run for office and I don't really want to be a politician anyway. Maybe there's a more sane party in another country, but Canada and Mexico seem to be at least as screwed up as the US is right now and I don't really know much about countries farther away.
I can't really ignore this though, it seems to be impossible to truly not care about politics at least to me.
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