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commuting again...

I'm at school now, and as usual when there's nothing to do between classes, I'm going to computer lab. I'm bored and my friends aren't doing much around here so I'm looking more at stuff online, although the guy I'm living with turns 21 on Saturday so that should be interesting. Anyway, I've been looking at Slashdot more, I've actually gained some karma over the last week or so (up to 7) after being at -1 for a year or so, and I posted to Kuroshin to see if there's anything going on there. And my Java game works a little better now so I've released it as v0.25, but it's not accessible by anyone who can't FTP into my own computer right now. Maybe I'll post it to sourceforge soon, I need someone to help me figure out how to load .jpg images into the card slots. Not much else going on, I'm hoping to get a ATI All-In-Wonder, a mp3 player, and maybe a USB webcam for Xmas, so maybe I'll be putting pics up soon. Until then I'll be off to study bioengineering, finals are next week.

Maybe there should be a preview button for this like Slashdot has....
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