Eric (cardiacarrest) wrote,

I'm going home now..

Well, it's now time to take an earky morning car
trip back up North to have Thanksgiving with my
family. If i get back soon enough maybe I'll even get to go to our traditional brunch at the Bard Mansion, but I'll bet traffic is heavy today. I was too cheap to take the train though and pay 30 bucks for standing room only to LA.
So, now I can go visit my friends at Garden Village and Rocket Fuel and all the other local coffee shops. Maybe I can even catch a punk show or something.

I also got bored on Tuesday, and since I had the JDK already, I decided to finally write my Java game based on Mile Bones, with my friend Mike's help. I'll probably GPL it and put it up on Sourceforge once I actually get it working, unless something unexpected happens. The working Title is Mile Bones 2000, but since the game is rather loosely based on Mile Bones to begin with it will become something else eventually. I hope to make it skinnable, with custom cards, difficulty levels, and even network play if i figure out how to do that in Java. I only really know C, C++, and Fortran, but Java is similar enough to C++, the functions just have different names. Right now it's playable, but it's really ugly so I'll wait till I get the card artwork before posting it. I'm glad I have the GIMP.
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