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Saturday, December 9th, 2000
5:46 am
There's nothing more for me to do here. Finals are over and I have 4 weeks of vacation so I can go work on my Java app and draw stuff. I just realized that it was 6 AM not about 11:30 PM like I thought, I do that sometimes (ever wake up when your clock says 8:00 and wonder why it's dark out? yeah, it's like that.) I think I'll go smoke and then play Freecell. That reminds me of some old song....don't tell me I've got nothing to do.
Tuesday, December 5th, 2000
2:55 pm
politics in the usa
As usual, I was talking to people I barely know today, and started talking about politics again..
Anyway, I had an entire conversation in which I was talking with a Libertarian woman and agreed with her on a lot of issues... but I didn't let on that I'm actually registered as a Green. I voted Libertarian on most of the elections in '98 though. anyway, I've taken a few political tests on line and I get results like this:
(this is not really precise or anything)

50% agreement with Libertarians
50% agreement with Greens
45% agreement with Democrats
5% agreement with Republicans

So what should I do? I voted for Nader even though I know the Greens are basically socialist;
I think the Libertarians will basically sell the government off to the highest bidder, but I dislike the Democrats and Republicans' beliefs even more. I'm just wondering who I can vote for when I dislike all of the choices, the one politician I actually agreed with was Tom Campbell, who is the only Republican I voted for, but he lost in a landslide (something like 30% to the 60% garnered by Feinstein), supposedly because he was too liberal. I'm just wondering what I can do if I disagree with more than half of what all of the parties stand for,
I'm way too young to run for office and I don't really want to be a politician anyway. Maybe there's a more sane party in another country, but Canada and Mexico seem to be at least as screwed up as the US is right now and I don't really know much about countries farther away.
I can't really ignore this though, it seems to be impossible to truly not care about politics at least to me.

Current Mood: confused
5:19 am
The time draws nigh...
Ok, so now I'm off to go take my finals. But I felt like playing Zangband instead of studying, so hopefully I still remember enough to get by. I've already made enough of a mess out of this quarter so now I can just relax and see what happens, it's winter break now anyway so I can relax, work on my game and maybe draw a few pictures with my colored pencils. Hopefully I can get a scanner and a webcam for Xmas. Whatever happens will happen I guess, I'll get my degree eventually.

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, November 29th, 2000
5:09 pm
commuting again...
I'm at school now, and as usual when there's nothing to do between classes, I'm going to computer lab. I'm bored and my friends aren't doing much around here so I'm looking more at stuff online, although the guy I'm living with turns 21 on Saturday so that should be interesting. Anyway, I've been looking at Slashdot more, I've actually gained some karma over the last week or so (up to 7) after being at -1 for a year or so, and I posted to Kuroshin to see if there's anything going on there. And my Java game works a little better now so I've released it as v0.25, but it's not accessible by anyone who can't FTP into my own computer right now. Maybe I'll post it to sourceforge soon, I need someone to help me figure out how to load .jpg images into the card slots. Not much else going on, I'm hoping to get a ATI All-In-Wonder, a mp3 player, and maybe a USB webcam for Xmas, so maybe I'll be putting pics up soon. Until then I'll be off to study bioengineering, finals are next week.

Maybe there should be a preview button for this like Slashdot has....

Current Mood: peaceful
Thursday, November 23rd, 2000
11:29 pm
Ok, now I'm back at home. There's not much to do since it's Thanksgiving, but my sister wants to go to some shows in LA tomorrow. I'd go write my Java program but I forgot what my IP was so I can't go get it. Maybe Mike knows what it is. Oh well, it was nice seeing my family again. Nothing going on today so I think I'll go read Slashdot.

Current Mood: bored
8:26 am
I'm going home now..
Well, it's now time to take an earky morning car
trip back up North to have Thanksgiving with my
family. If i get back soon enough maybe I'll even get to go to our traditional brunch at the Bard Mansion, but I'll bet traffic is heavy today. I was too cheap to take the train though and pay 30 bucks for standing room only to LA.
So, now I can go visit my friends at Garden Village and Rocket Fuel and all the other local coffee shops. Maybe I can even catch a punk show or something.

I also got bored on Tuesday, and since I had the JDK already, I decided to finally write my Java game based on Mile Bones, with my friend Mike's help. I'll probably GPL it and put it up on Sourceforge once I actually get it working, unless something unexpected happens. The working Title is Mile Bones 2000, but since the game is rather loosely based on Mile Bones to begin with it will become something else eventually. I hope to make it skinnable, with custom cards, difficulty levels, and even network play if i figure out how to do that in Java. I only really know C, C++, and Fortran, but Java is similar enough to C++, the functions just have different names. Right now it's playable, but it's really ugly so I'll wait till I get the card artwork before posting it. I'm glad I have the GIMP.
Sunday, November 19th, 2000
2:54 am
ok, nothing much happened today. I went to school because the persian club hired some dj's and put on a show, but none of my friends wanted to go and there were barely any people there so I left early. I still got back too late to talk to anyone, I guess they're all asleep. Oh well, I'll go to bed and see if there's anyone to talk to tomorrow, and go study for my math midterm.

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, November 18th, 2000
1:13 am
This is very interesting, it seems i've already met a few friends here. It beats wasting my money on a movie and an expensive dinner with my other friends I guess. But not to worry, I'll see them again and go get Diablo 2 and Baldur's Gate so I can play multiplayer games again. I haven't used Windows 2000 for games yet, hopefully I have a fast enough box to play stuff against them. I hope we get some more multiplayer Linux games soon. Ok, so I'm off to play Civ:CTP now, it's the only Linux game I've got. I was gonna buy Quake 3 in the metal case at Fry's, but the line was too long. It's a collector's item!

I hope I get to go snowboarding soon....

It's nice to see other coders interested in Linux (and Perl, but I don't know any Perl)
Friday, November 17th, 2000
9:53 pm
I just found out about this by following someone's user info on Slashdot. it looks interesting, so maybe i'll post a diary here, or maybe not.
Lots of interesting people here.
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